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As a new urban ag entrepreneur the hurdles can be overwhelming:
  • Lack of established best practices
  • An absence of credible data;
  • Seemingly endless technology options;
  • Shortage of financing options.
Agritecture Designer solves these challenges. In doing so, we can cut your planning timeline in half!

Tinia P.

CEO Re-Nuble, New York

As an agricultural technology company providing products to the CEA industry, the Agritecture Designer provided additional data points, which are often hard to obtain from farms and due to lack of extensive public research, helpful to learning the full costs of indoor farms. These insights, dynamic in nature and accurate in what is experienced, help us ensure that we're fully aware of what is required of farms to operate and to make our offerings as competitive as possible.

Here’s How We Do It

Build & compare unlimited models

You can model and compare an unlimited number of financial projections.

Build & compare unlimited models
Greenhouse vs.
Vertical farm
15-year financial projections & operating summaries
CapEx and OpEx breakouts
Location-specific energy models
Library of 75+ crops
Crop pricing algorithm
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We know the challenges of starting an urban farm, because we’ve helped over 100 entrepreneurs all over the world do the same thing

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Designer is managed by the expert consulting team at Agritecture. We are constantly combing the industry for the latest data, technology, best practices, and success stories in order to incorporate these learnings in our platform.

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