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The first digital platform to accelerate urban farming entrepreneurs around the world.

Step 1:
Hone Your Vision

Tell us about your goals, ideas, and the stage of your project. From our proprietary database, we'll recommend some existing projects and top-read articles for inspiration. Then, we've made it easy for you to share and get feedback on your big vision.

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Step 2:
Learn Our Key Insights & Best Practices

Our Commercial Urban Farming Course takes Agritecture’s years of working with farmers and business owners and breaks down our key insights into 6 main lessons, each one consisting of concise video modules with additional links and activities.

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Step 3:
Build Your Plan

Realistic data is the key to developing a feasible urban farming business plan. We’ve taken our years of experience doing just that and boiled it down to a few key decisions that we’ll walk you through. Then, access and update your plan from anywhere for the next 90 days.

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Learn from the Experts


Our online Commercial Urban Farming Course takes Agritecture's years of working with farmers and business owners to give you our top insights, case studies, and key best practices you'll need to accelerate your plans.

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Unlock the numbers you need to properly plan any type of urban farm.


Save Time

Quit scouring the internet for unverified information. You’ve got a farm to build!


Remain in control. Rather than sell you on one approach, we empower you with the data you'll need to make your own informed decisions.

Credible & Data-Driven

Agritecture Designer is backed by years of experience and proprietary data.

Save Money

Mistakes are costly! Agritecture Designer will help you avoid them.



Robert Laing

Founder & CEO

Working with the Agritecture team gave me the confidence that my project was receiving input from some of the most experienced players in the urban farming industry. One important 'edge' was Agritecture's access to real benchmark data and their experience of dozens of different types of projects, which is unrivaled in this new and evolving market.

Tobias Peggs

Co-Founder & CEO

Our ambitious and unique model for the first urban agriculture accelerator needed a creative and fast-moving team to work within our tight timeline. The team at Agritecture were an ideal fit... Their extensive local and international network was an added bonus as we sought opinion and insight from around the globe.

Alex Fisher

Co-Founder & CEO

Agritecture is a reliable team consisting of some of the most knowledgeable urban agriculture professionals in the industry.

Greg Alexander

Co-Founder & CEO

Agritecture provided a team of experts that cut across operations, technology, and infrastructure which provided the insight required to set a strong foundation and help launch my hydroponic farm operations.

Agritecture Consulting: Our Work

120+ Clients | 48 Cities | 26 Countries

Agritecture has unmatched experience, having completed more than 100 projects for a diverse set of clients and across a wide variety of markets, climates, and operation types. Our services are backed by several years of operational data and a team of experienced growers, agricultural engineers, sustainability managers, and marketing experts. You can read more about our team here.

“Urban Agriculture: $80-160B in potential benefits"
- Earth's Future report

"Indoor farming tech to reach $40B by 2022"
- MarketsandMarkets™

"Vertical farming: 24.8% annual growth rate"
- MarketsandMarkets™

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