Commercial Urban Farming

About the Course

Since 2014, Agritecture has been advising clients on the key best practices needed to ensure the success of their urban farming businesses. Over the years, we’ve shared our knowledge via industry conferences, design workshops, and in-person classes at our office in New York.

Now for the first time, we’re bringing this knowledge online so that anyone, anywhere, can access it!

Our online Commercial Urban Farming Course includes more than 2.5 hours of video learning - broken down into 6 comprehensive lessons - each lesson made up of digestible 5-10 minute modules. Additional resources will help you translate insights into actions.

You’ll walk away with a clear understanding of how to think strategically and avoid mistakes when it comes to planning an urban farming business.

“This inspired me to keep moving forward with my project
and dream of running my own urban farm.”
- Christian.

What You Will Learn

Lesson 1 | Introduction to Commercial Urban Farming
  • Understanding the full spectrum of urban agriculture solutions & impact categories
  • Key lessons learned from current case studies and past failures
  • How to position your farm for success
Lesson 2 | Economics: Techniques for Modeling a Profitable Farm Business
  • Financial Modeling 101
  • Understanding key revenue and cost levers
Lesson 3 | Choosing Your Systems, Technology, and Structures
  • Greenhouse vs. Vertical Farm considerations
  • An introduction to hydroponic systems
  • Understanding lighting options, nutrient solutions, air flow, and CO2 enrichment
Lesson 4 | Understanding Your Market & Choosing Your Crops
  • How to conduct proper market research
  • Marketing & selling your product
  • Evaluating various sales channels
Lesson 5 | CEA Energy Considerations: Climate Control Strategies
  • The importance of climate control
  • How crops respond to various climatic conditions
Lesson 6 | Is Going Organic Right for Your CEA Farm?
  • Advantages & disadvantages of organic certification
  • Additional organic applications: aquaponics and aeroponics

“I'd highly recommend this course to anyone who wants to see the potential and possibilities in urban agriculture.”
- Melissa B.

Who You'll Learn From

Henry Gordon-Smith | Founder & CEO, Agritecture
Henry founded in 2011 and Agritecture Consulting in 2014. In his role as CEO, Henry tracks emerging agriculture and urban development trends around the world, speaking frequently with everyone from farmers & entrepreneurs, to architects & real estate developers, to investors & corporate executives. He has toured a wide range of farming operations across five continents. Henry also works closely with some of Agritecture’s largest clients to ensure the success of these projects. An acknowledged global thought leader in urban agriculture, Henry has received awards and recognition from organizations including Produce Grower, Rabobank, and the University of Guelph.

Yara Nagi | Director of Operations, Agritecture
Yara advises Agritecture’s clients on sustainability-related matters and assesses the economic viability of their projects. She gained an interest in sustainable agriculture from her work experience in the Middle East. Yara has direct farm operating and P&L management experience, having led the operations of an 8,000-square foot rooftop greenhouse farm in New York City.

Djavid Amidi-Abraham | Lead Systems Designer, Agritecture
Djavid helps Agritecture’s clients determine the right growing method, equipment, farm layout, and labor management methods. He has a professional background in sustainable technologies including hydroponic equipment distribution, vertical axis wind turbine sales, and carbon sequestration applications. Djavid's focus is to build the most sustainable and low-carbon systems possible. He has developed and worked on farms internationally.

David Ceaser | Lead Agronomist, Agritecture
David advises Agritecture’s clients on growing and operations related questions. David has more than 15 years of experience working on various types of farms, including indoor and outdoor hydroponics as well as soil. David has an MBA in sustainable management, a BA in environmental studies with a focus on agroecology, and a certificate in horticulture.

Alberto Lopez | Systems Engineer, Agritecture
Alberto assists Agritecture’s clients on optimizing the operations and energy performance of greenhouses and CEA facilities. He worked for the University of Costa Rica on greenhouse climate control, and, upon moving to Europe, received hands-on experience in the operation, design, and construction of vertical farms. Alberto collaborated with the German Aerospace Center in a plant selection methodology for the ISS and worked with the EDEN team on a vertical farming system analysis. Alberto holds an MSc in Biosystems Engineering from Wageningen University.

Eric Roth | CEA Operations Consultant, Agritecture
Eric advises on growing and operations related questions for Agritecture’s clients. He has 7 years of hands-on experience operating small and large indoor vertical farms. In 2011, Eric co-founded the first licensed aquaponic farm in Chicago, Greens & Gills. In 2015, the business was acquired by FarmedHere, one of the largest vertical farms built to date, where he served as their Director of Agriculture.

“I left the class with a thorough understanding of what it takes to run a successful urban farm. Five stars. Couldn't recommend it highly enough.”
- Paul S.



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